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Just in case any Dutch fans might have missed the announcements in the LJ communities. :)

Today through Thursday The Devil's Whore (Dutch title: Angelica) will be broadcast on Nederland 2, from 22:45 to 23:40.
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New Hamlet photos

Richard Hanson has three new photographs of John as Hamlet up on his blog, here. And they are absolutely breathtaking. They capture the intensity and the rage of John's performance perfectly.
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Devilwood on iTunes next week

Fearnet reports that Devilwood will be available on iTunes from 19 October as a part of a Halloween collection of short horror films. Stay tuned!
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Saturday Review

Saturday Review had a short discussion about Hamlet, here. It starts a couple of minutes in. It's another mixed review, but includes a sound clip of Hamlet talking to Ophelia.
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Hamlet clip

The South Yorkshire Star has a clip of Hamlet from the scene where he's plotting to stab Claudius during his prayers. The audio quality isn't great, but it's a nice clip.
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Hamlet press night pics and reviews

Have some Hamlet press night photos and reviews.

John and the ever-gorgeous Kate ♥

More pics here. You can get past the download-disabling code by clicking on a picture, holding your left mouse key down and dragging it to the address bar.

The first reviews are also up. The Independent gives it four stars. The Guardian review is more lukewarm. The Telegraph reviewer is disappointed.

There's also a four-star review in The Times, but I don't have a subscription. If anyone does and can copypaste it, that'd be most excellent:).
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Hamlet stills

Sheffield Theatres have added some Hamlet stills to their Facebook gallery, here.

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South Yorkshire Star interview, possible public dress rehearsal

Another Hamlet-related interview, this time in the South Yorkshire Star:
Life is not always the Simm.

Also, to be confirmed: the Crucible folks are planning a public dress rehearsal of Hamlet tomorrow on the 16th of September. Tickets will be available for £1 from 10.00am on 16 September at the Crucible Box Office.
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Two new Hamlet interviews

Two new John interviews on Hamlet:

Right now, he says, “it’s like being at the base camp of Mount Everest thinking 'Oh hell, here we go.’ ”

The Telegraph

"I'm quite happy here and when I look at the parts I've had – Raskolnikov, Van Gogh, time-travelling '70s cop, the Master and now Hamlet, I'm more than happy and I'm so lucky, I feel totally fulfilled with my career and hope it continues."

Yorkshire Post
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New interview

There's a new interview with John in the Sheffield Telegraph. John mentions having signed up for a new telly project as well.
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Mod post

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